REAL Payroll Administration


We provide a full-service payroll offering staffed with professionals ready and available to answer all of your questions.  Plus, your payroll processing can be complete and available to you in minutes!  You will enjoy convenient 24/7 access with check view, accountant access & reminders.


All of your tax deposits, filing of tax returns and new employee registrations will be handled quickly, accurately & reliably.  Additionally, converting from another payroll service is fast, easy, seamless, and can be done at any time of the year.


You can be assured of superior service through integrated processes, interface support, comprehensive reports, and intuitive navigation through this web-based system.  Payroll processing is easy with a simple three-step process, and you even have a free paperless payroll option.


Our industry experience and best practice mindset means you can rest assured that you will spend less time and energy on the task and more time experiencing the benefits of an enhanced, state of the art payroll administration service.


Payroll Tax

How do you currently keep up with all of the changing tax and legislative rules and regulations?  We are here to help you keep your payroll and payroll taxes accurate and on track.


Your calculation, deductions, payment and filing of all taxes are automatically done for you. We’ll even take care of deposits in the appropriate government accounts!


Tax information is always correct and in compliance, reducing the chance of penalties and incurred interest.  Our goal is to protect you from any surprises with new payroll tax laws that impact you and your business.


Time Management

You know that a good time management solution is something you depend on for the success of your company.  We have a solution that allows you to meet both your and your employees’ needs, from how employee time is tracked to analyzing industry trends and labor costs.